Managed funds

Investing for your goals

We have over 450 managed funds available to meet your investment needs. This includes a range of MyNorth and North funds that can help you confidently reach your goals.

MyNorth Dynamic Balanced Fund

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MyNorth Dynamic Balanced Fund is competitively priced and invests in a diversified portfolio of growth and defensive assets.

Find out more in the MyNorth Dynamic Balanced Fund PDS.

MyNorth Index Diversified Investment options

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A diversified range of investment options that cater for different risk appetites and needs. The options include:

  • MyNorth Index Defensive
  • MyNorth Index Moderately Defensive
  • MyNorth Index Balanced
  • MyNorth Index Growth
  • MyNorth Index High Growth

Find out more in the MyNorth Index Diversified Investment Options PDS.

An active diversified fund that works with My Retirement Payment or My Retirement Specified Amount to provide you with a regular income stream that aims to rise with inflation and last until you’re 85.

Additional material

These diversified funds blend a broad range of investment sectors with the convenience of regular re-balancing to maintain target allocations.

  • North Professional Conservative
  • North Professional Moderately Conservative
  • North Professional Alternative Balanced
  • North Professional Balanced
  • North Professional Growth
  • North Professional High Growth

Find out more in the North Professional Series PDS.

Find out more in the MyNorth Guardian PDS.


Recent changes to buy/sell costs for MyNorth, North, Summit, iAccess & Generations investment options

Due to the ongoing market volatility, many investment managers have increased their buy/sell costs (also known as spreads) to adjust for increased transaction costs.

These changes will impact your investment when you buy or sell units. You can find a summary of all the updated buy/sell costs that investment managers have notified us of in the PDF below.

As markets remain uncertain and continue to fluctuate daily, we’ll continue to update this list as we receive further buy/sell cost change notifications from investment managers.

North buy sell spread changes

Important information

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