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InvestSense Managed Portfolios are offered by NMMT Limited (NMMT), and expertly constructed and managed by InvestSense Pty Ltd (InvestSense). They are investment options available from a MyNorth Super, Pension or Investment account. This snapshot provides a high-level summary and is subject to change from time to time. Other fees and costs apply. For full details and to understand all the fees payable when you select a particular investment option, refer to the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) and the MyNorth Managed Portfolios PDS.



InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 2

InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 3

InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 4

InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 5






Risk band/risk label

3/ Low to Medium

4/ Medium

5/ Medium to High

6/ High

Minimum investment horizon

5 years

5 years

7 years

10 years

Investment objective

Aims to achieve a return of CPI +2% p.a. over the long-term over the suggested minimum investment timeframe of 5 years.

Aims to achieve a return of CPI +3% p.a. over the long-term over the suggested minimum timeframe of 5 years.

Aims to achieve a return of CPI +4% p.a. over the long-term over the suggested minimum timeframe of 7 years.

Aims to achieve a return of CPI +5% p.a. over the long-term over the suggested minimum timeframe of 10 years.

Investment management fee(i)

0.25% pa

0.25% pa

0.25% pa

0.25% pa

Estimated indirect costs(ii)

0.43% pa

0.50% pa

0.56% pa

0.61% pa

Target exposure


Growth 30%

Defensive 70%

Growth 50%

Defensive 50%

Growth 70%

Defensive 30%

Growth 85%

Defensive 15%

Long-term average target class allocation - growth

Australian shares 13%

International shares 10%

Listed property / Infrastructure 7%

Alternatives 0%

Australian shares 22%

International shares 19%

Listed property / Infrastructure 9%

Alternatives 0%

Australian shares 31%

International shares 29%

Listed property / Infrastructure 10%

Alternatives 0%

Australian shares 38%

International shares 36%

Listed property / Infrastructure 11%

Alternatives 0%

Long-term average target class allocation -defensive 

Australian fixed income 22%

International fixed income 23%

Cash 25%

Australian fixed income 17%

International fixed income 18%

Cash 15%

Australian fixed income 10%

International fixed income 10%

Cash 10%

Australian fixed income 5%

International fixed income 5%

Cash 5%

(i) A performance-based fee based on your managed portfolio balance that is deducted from the cash account.

(ii) Indirect costs may be more or less than the estimated amounts and are reflected in the unit price of the underlying assets. Indirect costs may include management fees, performance-based fees, recoverable expenses, and costs of investing in derivatives.

Key benefits

  • Actively managed investments - Portfolios are managed dynamically because economic conditions change and market movements must be considered. Where InvestSense can save costs, they’ll use cheaper index tracking investments but will also use active fund managers when they can add value.
  • Diversified objective based portfolios - Portfolios have been carefully constructed with the aim to achieve a specific outcome over time by investing in a diverse range of asset classes.
  • Meaningful transparency - You have full transparency into your investments, which you can view at any time on North Online. It can be a lot of information so InvestSense will always do their best to distil it into something which makes sense to you.
  • An experienced team - The InvestSense team have been working together for 10 years and the three portfolio managers have lived through a few more market cycles than that. InvestSense pride ourselves themselves on making technical investment that can be easily understood so that you can learn along the way.


What are the risks

The performance of the interest held for you in InvestSense Managed Portfolios will depend on the performance of the managed portfolio chosen, and the performance of the assets in the managed portfolio. The managed portfolios offered are subject to risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and capital. No member of the AMP group or the investment manager(s) guarantee the repayment of capital, payment of income or the performance of the managed portfolios chosen. All investments carry a risk component. Risk in an investment context refers to the possibility that the investment will not return its original capital or expected income and that the level of return will be volatile over any given time period. This risk can include market risk, company risk, currency risk, interest rate and inflation risk.

About InvestSense

InvestSense is a portfolio management and investment consultancy founded in 2014. The investment team have extensive experience in financial markets across institutional and retail investment consulting, portfolio management and investment research. InvestSense specialises in delivering client friendly, outcome-based portfolio solutions using managed account technology. InvestSense prides itself on providing easy-to-understand information to investors so that they remain informed about their portfolios.

InvestSense’s investment philosophy is underpinned by the belief that prevailing market valuations tend to be indicative of final outcomes over long-time periods. By undertaking a forward-looking view of expected returns and implied risks, InvestSense aims to understand if the market is sufficiently rewarding investors for the risks they’re undertaking across different asset class.

InvestSense’s investment approach combines elements of fundamental and quantitative analysis, top-down and bottom-up views. InvestSense don’t believe that any single investment style has a permanent edge in delivering superior returns across all asset classes, time horizons and market conditions. Rather, the investment methodology forces the manager to think about which tool, or combination of, is more likely to be effective under various scenarios and the current market environment.

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