Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios


Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios are offered by NMMT Limited (NMMT), and expertly constructed and managed by Lonsec Investment Solutions Pty Ltd. They are investment options available from a MyNorth Super, Pension or Investment account. This snapshot provides a high-level summary and is subject to change from time to time. Other fees and costs apply. For full details and to understand all the fees payable when you select a particular investment option, refer to the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) and the MyNorth Managed Portfolios PDS.



Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolio – Conservative

Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolio – Balanced

Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolio – Growth





Risk band/risk label

3/ Low to Medium

4/ Medium

6/ High

Minimum investment horizon

3 years

4 years

5 years

Investment objective

Aims to generate 4% income with some capital growth over the suggested minimum investment timeframe.

Aims to generate 4% income with moderate capital growth over the suggested minimum investment timeframe.

Aims to generate 4% income with high capital growth over the suggested minimum investment timeframe.

Investment management fee(i)




Estimated indirect costs(ii)

0. 67% p.a

0.76% p.a

0.84% p.a

Target exposure

Growth 40%

Defensive 60%

Growth 60%

Defensive 40%

Growth 80%

Defensive 20%

Long-term average target class allocation - growth


Australian shares 18%

International shares 12%

Listed property / Infrastructure 10%

Alternatives 0%

Australian shares 29%

International shares 20%

Listed property / Infrastructure 11%

Alternatives 0%

Australian shares 41%

International shares 27%

Listed property / Infrastructure 12%

Alternatives 0%

Long-term average target class allocation - defensive


Australian fixed income 27%

International fixed income 23%

Cash 10%

Australian fixed income 19%

International fixed income 16%

Cash 5%

Australian fixed income 10%

International fixed income 8%

Cash 2%

(i) A performance-based fee based on your managed portfolio balance that is deducted from the cash account.

(ii) Indirect costs may be more or less than the estimated amounts and are reflected in the unit price of the underlying assets. Indirect costs may include management fees, performance-based fees, recoverable expenses, and costs of investing in derivatives.

Key benefits

  • Research-driven investment process - Lonsec’s managed accounts harness their established investment research, with coverage across listed and unlisted investment products. Their portfolios are supported by one of Australia’s largest investment research and investment consultant teams.
  • Best ideas portfolios - Lonsec’s diversified managed accounts reflect their best investment ideas, incorporating dynamic portfolio management combined with an active approach to investment selection.
  • Rigorous governance - With a strong risk focus, Lonsec have a well-established governance process supported by their formal Asset Allocation and Fund Manager Selection committees.
  • Rapid responsiveness - Efficient implementation of investment decisions, ensuring portfolio changes are made in a timely manner and the client is promptly aligned to the new portfolio structure. 


What are the risks

The performance of the interest held for you in Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios will depend on the performance of the managed portfolio chosen, and the performance of the assets in the managed portfolio. The managed portfolios offered are subject to risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and capital. No member of the AMP group or the investment manager(s) guarantee the repayment of capital, payment of income or the performance of the managed portfolios chosen. All investments carry a risk component. Risk in an investment context refers to the possibility that the investment will not return its original capital or expected income and that the level of return will be volatile over any given time period. This risk can include market risk, company risk, currency risk, interest rate and inflation risk.

About Lonsec Investment Solutions

Lonsec Investment Solutions is a specialist model portfolio manager with extensive expertise in portfolio construction, asset allocation and investment selection, with their best ideas encapsulated in a series of managed portfolios to meet different client needs

Drawing on Lonsec’s in-depth investment product research, their portfolios invest in managed funds that are rated Recommended and higher.

Lonsec’s investment philosophy underpins their investment research driven approach to portfolio construction and the processes we use to build quality investment solutions. At the core of their philosophy are four beliefs:

  • A dynamic approach to portfolio management to achieve investment objectives while managing downside risk.
  • Investing in high quality investments underpinned by Lonsec’s extensive research.
  • A strong risk management culture supported by a rigorous governance process.
  • A diversified approach to portfolio construction.

The Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios have been uniquely constructed so that they manage risks that are specifically relevant to investors in the retirement phase. They aim to mitigate risks such as capital drawdown risk, which can materially impact the longevity of a retirement portfolio, particularly in the early stages of transitioning from superannuation to the pension phase of investing.

The portfolios have been constructed based on three key building blocks, the:

  • Yield component includes investments ranging from equities through to cash. These investments have a focus on generating yield, or a certain level of income.
  • Capital growth component is designed to generate long-term capital growth, with limited focus on income.
  • Risk control component is designed to reduce some of the risks associated with being exposed to the market through the yield and capital growth components, as well as managing other risks such as inflation risk.

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