With experienced, on-the-ground representatives in each state, rest assured our team is here to support your practice needs. Not sure who to call? Request a call back and one of our helpful team will be in contact.

Leadership team

Rory Scott
Head of Strategic Accounts and Specialist Services

Email: Rory_Scott_2@amp.com.au

Elise Sanders
Head of Distribution Enablement


Russ Hanlon
Regional Manager

Call: 0435 962 441
Email: Russ_Hanlon@amp.com.au

George Klisaris
Regional Manager

Call: 0423 023 788
Email: George_Klisaris@amp.com.au


Business Development Managers



New business

Phil Anderson

Call: 0408 123 155
Email: Phil_Anderson@amp.com.au

James Macken

Call: 0435 394 287
Email: James_Macken@amp.com.au

Catherine Cooke

Call: 0402 320 201
Email: Catherine_Cooke_2@amp.com.au





Existing business

Allister Hoffenberg

Call: 0468 510 278
Email: Allister_Hoffenberg@amp.com.au

Daniel Chatenay

Call: 0411 774 751
Email: Daniel_Chatenay@amp.com.au

Michael Corcoran

Call: 0432 097 589
Email: Michael_Corcoran@amp.com.au




New business

Rob Gjorgioski

Call: 0434 185 959
Email: Rob_Gjorgioski@amp.com.au

Rachel Elfverson

Call: 0481 478 716
Email: Rachel_Elfverson@amp.com.au




Existing business

David Harris

Call: 0411 339 113
Email: David_Harris_2@amp.com.au

Brian Mooney

Call: 0432 097 589
Email: Brian_Mooney@amp.com.au




New business

Ha-Dieu Ford

Call: 0403 926 138
Email: ha-dieu_ford@amp.com.au





Existing business

Dario Bartolomeo

Call: 0466 152 630
Email: Dario_Bartolomeo@amp.com.au

Andrew Martin

Call0479 176 368

David Verlander

Call: 0435 151 774
Email: David_Verlander_2@amp.com.au






New business

Lee Lavelle

Call: 0419 005 481
Email: Lee_Lavelle@amp.com.au



Existing business

Gareth Brown

Call: 0466 356 280
Email: Gareth_Brown@amp.com.au







New Business

Andrew Knight

Call: 0403 835 102
Email: Andrew_Knight_2@amp.com.au



Existing business


Bradley Briggs

Call: 0413 025 846
Email: Brad_Briggs@amp.com.au




New Business

Ha-Dieu Ford

Call: 0403 926 138
Email: Ha-Dieu_Ford@amp.com.au



Existing business

David Verlander

Call: 0435 151 774
Email: David_Verlander_2@amp.com.au




Other contacts

Key Account Managers - Licensees

Maria Mazur

Call: 0400 224 211

Email: Maria_Mazur@amp.com.au



Training Consultants

Richelle D’mello – VIC/TAS

Call: 0435 460 460
Email: Richelle_D'mello@amp.com.au

Lia Etika – NSW/ACT

Call: 0466 827 531
Email: Lia_Etika_2@amp.com.au

Allison Ward - VIC/TAS

Call: 0466 015 731
Email: Allison_Ward@amp.com.au

Coralie Jackson - NSW/ACT

Call: 0422 769 695
Email: Coralie_Jackson@amp.com.au

Kathy Laube - SA

Call: 0479 176 314
Email: Kathy_Laube@amp.com.au

Jennifer Cox - QLD

Call:  07 3317 0163
Email: Jennifer_Cox@amp.com.au

Linda Coetzee - WA

Call: 0478 273 124
Email: Linda_Coetzee_3@amp.com.au


Retirement Team

Julian Place
Retirement Specialist

Call: 0418 111 224
Email: Julian_T_Place@amp.com.au

Yannick Lecordier
Retirement Specialist

Call: 0411 123 956
Email: Yannick_Lecordier_2@amp.com.au



“At all levels, the North team delivers on what they say. If we have an issue, we can call David and rest assured it’s going to be solved. And if there’s anything he’s not 100% sure of, he’ll always find out and get back to us. Russ Hanlon also makes himself very available and goes above and beyond.”

Les McGuire, Future Proof Wealth 

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“When everything works and A plus B equals C, then happy days. But when things go wrong, consistency is key. The North support team is consistently exceptional, day in, day out. They’re knowledgeable, they come back with results and they’re easy to work with.”

Nicholaus Benson, KNR Investments 

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“If we ever have a hiccup and it’s something we can’t resolve ourselves, I can get the outcome I need in a timely manner. I love the fact there are different avenues to get outcomes. You can send an email, get on chat, call up or speak to your BDM.”

Darren Thomas, GroupGH Financial Planning 

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Not sure who to contact?

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