MyNorth Index range

The MyNorth Index range allows you the flexibility to invest in either low cost diversified or single sector index funds. 



The diversified range is designed as a low-cost, transparent and highly liquid passive solution, with experienced and expert institutional grade management. Providing access to diversified strategic asset allocation in line with various risk profiles that encompass a diverse array of asset classes, such as domestic and international equities and fixed interest, property and infrastructure. The underlying asset classes are also passively managed and aim to consistently track their respective benchmarks. 

Single sector

The single sector index funds provide investors greater access to specific asset classes including Australian and international equites, fixed interest, property, infrastructure and much more. Combined, this Index range enables investors the option to tailor their investment allocation or to blend the options with the diversified range. 


MyNorth Index Funds are a low-cost way to access a diverse range of underlying securities. 

Passive management

Passive security selection replicating standard indices and consistent asset allocation. 


In a single investment, you can achieve diversification across a wide range of asset classes, geographies and sectors of the economy.  


Portfolios constructed with the sole purpose of delivering investors the best investment outcomes. 

Liquid & transparent

Stable and transparent portfolios which invest in liquid listed markets.   


An efficient investment solution leveraging market-leading expertise and scale. 

MyNorth Index Diversified range - Quarterly fund update 

MyNorth Index Diversified range - Overview

MyNorth Index Single sector range - Overview 

Managed Funds Distribution update

Hear from Anna Shelley, CIO, and Jeronimo Harrison, Portfolio Manager, from AMP Investments, as they share insights about the different drivers of the size of distributions and how they can fluctuate year on year.

MyNorth Index Diversified Range Reports

Monthly fact sheets

MyNorth Index Diversified Range


MyNorth Index Single Sector Range Reports

Monthly fact sheets


MyNorth Index Single Sector Range 

Fund name TMD
MyNorth Australian Fixed Interest Index  View TMD
MyNorth International Fixed Interest - Hedged  View TMD
MyNorth Australian Equity Index  View TMD
MyNorth Australian Property Index  View TMD
MyNorth International Equity Index - Hedged   View TMD
MyNorth International Property Index - Hedged  View TMD
MyNorth International Equity Index  View TMD
MyNorth Global Listed Infrastructure Market Index – Hedged   View TMD
MyNorth Emerging Markets Index  View TMD

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